5th TELE'DRAMA® International Hybrid Conference for Groups & Individuals

Virtual & Hybrid Technology-Mediated Education

Technology-Mediated Experiential Methods in Psychotherapy & Education

4 Conference Days November 7-10, 2024
20+ Virtual Meeting Rooms at the Tele'Drama Virtual Center
20+ Physical Locations
35+ Languages Translated Captions and Simultaneous Translation Channels
5th Tele'Drama International Hybrid Conference

5th Tele'Drama International Hybrid Conference

The Tele’Drama Conferences offer a quality program, an opportunity for connecting with colleagues from around the world, and overcoming borders and the restrictions of travel while being together. We are expecting hundreds of people to attend from over 70 countries. We have a strong presence in various social media with over 60,000 followers, and the visibility of the presenters will be high.

Multiple Physical Locations
Virtual Location: Tele’Drama Virtual Conference Center
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Conference Languages
Translated Captions and Backend Channels
Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, etc.

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Conference Exhibitors
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2024 Tele'Drama Conference Team
Daniela Simmons, PhD, Creator of Tele'Drama Bio
Daniela Simmons, PhD, TEP United States See BIO
Nancy S. Scherlong, LCSW, CTP-1 United States See BIO
Samuel Yie, BA, BP3, CTP-2 South Korea See BIO
Bojana Glusac, Certified Tele'Drama Trainer Serbia See BIO
Tanja L. Lee, PhD, CTP-2 United States See BIO
Filipe De Moura, BA, CTT Portugal See BIO
Andrea Wilches
Andrea Wilches, BS, CTT Colombia / Argentina See BIO
Hande Karakılıç, MD, CTT Türkiye See BIO
Betty Garrison, MS, CTP-2 United States See BIO
Gudrun Koch Germany See BIO
Mirjana Stankovic Serbia See BIO
Pembegül İlter, Certified Tele’Drama Practitioner Level 3 Türkiye See BIO
Zhaneta Nikolova, CTP-2 Bulgaria See BIO
Ekaterina Tyurina, MD Russia / Canada See BIO
Gülşen Büyükşahin United States See BIO
Anna Kononenko, CTP-1 Serbia See BIO
Lyudmila Zlatova, PhD, CTP-1 Bulgaria See BIO
Tina Stanojevic Serbia See BIO
Monica Munoz, PsyD, CTP-1 United States See BIO
Margarida Belchior, PhD, CTP-2 Portugal See BIO
Angela Christoph, MA, CTP-2 Austria / Germany See BIO
Svetlana Iloski, MS, CTP-1 North Macedonia See BIO
Ichiro (Okkady) Okajima, MA, CTP-2 Japan See BIO
Mina Zivkovic Serbia See BIO
Suneetha Saggurthi, PhD, CTP-2 India See BIO
Daniel Simmons United States See BIO
Müjdegül Zayıfoğlu Karaca, MD, PhD Türkiye See BIO
Osta Iwobi, M. Arch., CTP-2 Nigeria/ United States See BIO
Alexandr Usov, Certified Tele'Drama Practitioner Level 2 United States See BIO
Tele'Drama Conference Program
Full 4-day conference: November 7-10, 2024 (Thursday, November 07th 2024)
Conference Entertainment
Technology-mediated Experiential Methods in Psychotherapy & Education
Experiental Methods in the Virtual Space
3 Locations
37 Presenters
0 Topics