5th TELE'DRAMA® International Hybrid Conference for Groups & Individuals

Virtual & Hybrid Technology-Mediated Education


The Conference organizers have included a form for a partial scholarship; and also,

    Donations to support the Conference Scholarship Program:
    Always aiming to include everyone, Tele'Drama International offers scholarships to colleagues from around the world.
    - If you are attending the conference, and could donate an additional amount to help us with our Scholarship program; or
    - If you are unable to attend at this time, but would support others who would like to attend,
    please consider giving us a hand by donating to our scholarship program.

    No donation is too small! We will be happy to introduce you to those whom you have helped to attend, and to announce your name or your business as our sponsor.

Link for donations from people who are willing to support the Scholarship Program.

Form for Partial Scholarships: https://forms.gle/WssY8nmKhQjBRBE76